Graduation: Conclusion & Picture Journey

I will miss my new friends Charis and Lydia

As great as it is that Kayla was around this year, it is not quite the same as having friends that are still students, who still live in dorms and have classes like you. Queue the unexpected but amazing senior-year friendship with Charis and Lydia.

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Graduation: Introduction

Life has been a fast-paced whirlwind lately, and it has mercilessly sucked me into its full-throttle vortex. Since Easter, I have written about 62 pages in papers and tests, spent countless hours in the ceramics studio, and successfully defended my honors project, in which I developed a peace curriculum for high school classrooms.

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(Almost) Winter Break

I am home. Good God almighty, I am grateful to say that. With grad school applications and a stupid online driver improvement course (I’m officially a member of the speeding ticket club…) still to be completed, I’m not quite in the clear for winter break relaxation. The weight of a grueling semester has finally lifted off my shoulders, though, and that is satisfying enough.

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