#ComptonsConquer Hawaii: Plans & People

DCIM100GOPROLast week I reunited with some of my favorite people on the Big Island: Hoffa, Mama, Georgia, Sweet RoRie, and Mr. Cain. Since 2007, my parents have prioritized an annual family vacation. I use that term loosely, since these trips rarely involve too much relaxing.

Sometimes we take on exotic international places. Last summer we flew to Ecuador, exploring the Amazon Jungle and quaint mountain town of Banos. Amidst adventures like white water rafting and biking to waterfalls, we also got really sick, had our water cut off, and endured a twenty-hour bus ride circumnavigating landslides throughout the country.

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Before I left, people asked me if I knew what my next steps after this year of study were going to be. How could I? I had not even gotten here yet. I anticipated that this country would suit me well, but there was no way to know for sure.

Well, I’ve been here five weeks now, and — big surprise — I love it. When I was talking to my mom last week, I told her how much I enjoy my classes, that I feel so confident about going into teaching. She retorted that I could like physics class so long as I was studying in New Zealand. I rolled my eyes. (She is wrong, by the way; I will never willingly venture into the field of math and science again.)

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I have always been a planner. My agenda and never-ending checklists are my closest inanimate companions. I like prioritizing my tasks and making the most of my time. It’s hard for me to sit down, relax for a half hour, and enjoy a TV show. If I do, you bet “Netflix” will be scrawled on my list, right after, “shower” and “eat dinner.” Ha. I think it’s that feeling of accomplishment, that I have been productive, even with menial, daily life tasks, that I find so satisfying.  On a larger scale, I like to know where I am headed, and I like to figure out how I am going to get there. But recently, plans haven’t been working out at all the way I thought.

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