Check ‘Em Out

These folks share stories and ponderings certainly worth a perusal.


Kylie Getting Her Feet Wet

Kylie and I ventured through Cambodia together in 2013 on a travel writing May Term. She is stinkin’ good at her craft.



Walk Humbly

My Ponderings and Wanderings

Abby was my roommate in Italy and remains one of my best friends.



Alea Uncharted

Thoughts from Abroad and Beyond

Alea is another dear friend I met in Italy who spent four months after college solo backpacking through Europe.



Wonders of Wandering

The Adventures of a Peace Corps Volunteer in Swaziland

I became friends with Heather when we were both interning in Washington, DC for a semester in college.



Peace Corps Dominican Republic

Chronicles of a Wild Child in the West Indies

Connor and I are actually only distant Roanoke acquaintances, but his investment in the DR and monthly updates are well worth the read.



Elizabeth Ervin Photography


Lizzy is a talented Charleston photographer. We also go way back, and I adore her.



Don’t Sass Me…

Just a Little Bit of Guns & Dresses

Sass is hilarious and insightful. Nothing in life is off the table for discussion.



The Sweet Chariot


Drew explores all things theological and deep.



Untold Stories

A Travel Documentary

Dan backpacked around the world for six months on a dime. And then made an incredible video about it. Truly inspiring.