Waimairi Women

Genesis had it right from the beginning – “It is not good for man to be alone.”

And though it’s not exactly the same context, I don’t ever intend on living without other people again.

Last term I lived in Ilam Apartments, a centrally located, convenient student block that houses a lot of study abroad students. It was definitely not the cheapest, but, going through the university, it was the easiest for me to arrange when I was still back in America. Plus, I hoped it would facilitate my scheming to live with Georgia while she was here. Not only did I get to live with my sister, but I also befriended an eclectic group of flatmates: a tough-skin, soft-heart Bostonian; a smart, procrastinating original from Ireland; and a gentle, cheerful spirit from Manchester. Ilam hosted fun events during study weeks for residents, and my room had a personal heater – a perk I would later covet. Anticipating all of my flatmates abandoning me though, I started toying with the idea of other (cheaper) accommodation possibilities.

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Sister, Sister

There is nothing quite like a sibling relationship.IMG_2840You’ve known them since birth, and they’re probably the ones with whom you share some of the most ordinary but memorable moments of growing up – rubber ducky bubble baths, first day of school photos, movies and board games, tag in the front yard, family vacations. As you hit adolescence, perhaps your sibling is the one you confide in or sneak out with, the one you gang up with against your parents, the one who teaches you about older things you’re just discovering, like make up and fashion and boys, or sports and hunting and girls. Through it all, your siblings are always, always, the ones you can argue with. If you live to old age, siblings are the people who you end up knowing the longest in your whole life.

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H-Town Life: The Same Place!

 It never occurred to me that a city could, quite literally, run off of oil. Of course, all major cities consume energy, but Houston, as the hub of the U.S. oil and gas industry, stands apart. My boyfriend Dan is just as cynical toward this mountain-less, adventure-desolate city as he is optimistic about nearly anything else. He instilled a premature prejudice against Houston in me because he dislikes it so much. Forty feet above sea level, the greatest “elevation” gains are fifty-foot overpasses crossing over massive freeways or an elevator to the 75th floor of the JP Morgan Chase Tower.

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Graduation: Conclusion & Picture Journey

I will miss my new friends Charis and Lydia

As great as it is that Kayla was around this year, it is not quite the same as having friends that are still students, who still live in dorms and have classes like you. Queue the unexpected but amazing senior-year friendship with Charis and Lydia.

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