Thanksgiving is such a great holiday. There’s not any religious controversy, little commercialization…just the gathering of family and friends, good eats, and remembering all of the blessings we have to be grateful for. And though the early settlers celebrating the first harvest did not partake in food-induced afternoon coma or NFL football games, the purpose of Thanksgiving is the same. We approach this holiday with an extra dose of gratitude. It’s a good reminder of a posture we can choose not just the fourth Thursday of November, but everyday. 

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I have always been a planner. My agenda and never-ending checklists are my closest inanimate companions. I like prioritizing my tasks and making the most of my time. It’s hard for me to sit down, relax for a half hour, and enjoy a TV show. If I do, you bet “Netflix” will be scrawled on my list, right after, “shower” and “eat dinner.” Ha. I think it’s that feeling of accomplishment, that I have been productive, even with menial, daily life tasks, that I find so satisfying.  On a larger scale, I like to know where I am headed, and I like to figure out how I am going to get there. But recently, plans haven’t been working out at all the way I thought.

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I’m baaaa-aacckkk! I’m talking the exuberant, focused, joyful Jessica in full swing.
Well…I started my Monday morning decorating plates in ceramics and writing a blog – both fine forms of productive procrastination – so maybe I’m not TOTALLY back, but graduation is mere weeks away. It finally feels in my reach, and that keeps me trucking along.

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Living Righteously

I have noticed a pattern in the Scripture I have been reading lately in which God calls his people to live blamelessly. Of course, this is not a new tenant at all. It has been around since the foundation of Christianity before the Fall, and ever since then, we have been screwing that commandment up. In fact, most people who have just barely been exposed to Christianity think this is what it is all about: being “good people,” doing “good things.”

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