Welcome to the life and times of Jessica Compton – traveling, pondering, updating.




Right now, that means the limbo season between officially adulting as a high school English teacher, and the last year of ups, downs, and adventures living abroad in Christchurch, New Zealand in 2016. I received a Rotary Global Grant scholarship (!) , so I jumped across the ocean for a Master of Teaching and Learning  at the University of Canterbury.

But Walking With Jessica is more than that, too. It’s really about Living, about joining me on my journey.


Traveling vicariously.
Reflecting on faith.
Learning some lessons.
Meeting the Compton Clan.
Getting an honest earful of whatever is on my mind.
Laughing at my ridiculous mistakes.

You see, 2013, a whirlwind year of travel and self-discovery, changed everything.

Between spring break in Bermuda, May Term in Cambodia, a family vacation in Costa Rica, capped off by the best semester ever studying abroad in Perugia, Italy, I embraced authentic travel and the art of writing. In anticipation of those upcoming experiences, Walking With Jessica was born. I’m hooked on exploring the world and meeting new people, and I enjoy sharing what I discover with you. I hope you enjoy it too!

I may not always be traveling, but the adventures and reflections never cease. I am a 2015 Roanoke College graduate with a degree in Literary Studies. During school when I got caught up in working too hard to make good grades that no one else cares about, the many nearby hiking trails provided a much-needed respite from busy campus life. A Charleston native, I love reuniting with my immediate family and old friends back among the salty marsh grass and humidity of the South Carolina Lowcountry. No matter where I go, that will always be Home. I have a lot of other favorite interests, too.

So, wherever I may be — home or on a grand adventure — I hope this blog allows you to join my journey… and walk with me.

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