Water along the Way

Teaching this past week was hard. Today I spontaneously ended up at a women’s retreat with Rosa Marie that included a 20-minute writing workshop and an afternoon hike. Here’s a window to my soul, and the way I felt the Lord speak to me this morning.

I’ve placed puddles all around you. Walk along in the aftermath of the rain pouring into the holes in your own pores. I’m filling them up. You think you have face planted. You think that you should wallow in a muddy 3 foot circle of stagnant, dirtied water. But I let you fall into that place so that I can pick you back up out of it. So that the next puddle that comes along is not unfamiliar to you.

There are puddles all down the path, and I am in each of them. Some will be unpleasant. Others will quench your thirst. In still others, I just want you to be a child and play, and remember that I am right there, protecting you in the way a child needs boundaries, encouraging you to splash around more and enjoy our time together. I am before you and beside you. I know what you have experienced and what is ahead. There will be fountains, grand displays of my artistic, fluid nature, bending and bowing and celebrating in spouting bursts. There will be watering holes inviting you to rejuvenation.

We walk on. The puddles are gone; the stream approaches. Someday it will not be so sporadic. Someday the consistency of that flowing brook will assure you that you can keep on flowing. For now, just listen to the promise, the barely detectable trickle of rush against rock, power perfecting pebble. Stand up now, child, let me wash the dirt off your face and the grit blurring your vision. I am polishing you. Look to me and know that my love for you is unceasing, my faithfulness great, my mercies new every morning.

We will start again, and the water will be there. I am soaking through the roots of the earth and the bones of your body. Let me bring the refreshment you yearn for. Remember that I am the source. Trust me, in the muddy puddles and the waterfalls.


Farther along we’ll know all about it
Farther along we’ll understand why
Cheer up my brother live in the sunshine
We’ll understand it all by and by

-Josh Garrels

John 4:14
Lamentations 3:22-23

Isaiah 40:11


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