Laughing High

I hate to leave my blog hovering on low notes for too long, because it’s not like I’m in a perpetual gloomy cloud – though this one has been a bit darker than I’m used to. I was also reflecting this week on how it must seem like I cry an awful lot based on several of the posts from the past year. I don’t; they just tend to be tipping points, and those are typically the times where I have a takeaway worth pondering. I usually move on from the sad moments and just haven’t gotten the chance for a proper update.

The ups and downs continue…but I’m taking care of myself and prioritising what matters most to me for the time I have left in NZ. That assignment I mentioned in the last post is still not totally finished (I have never been so very unmotivated and uninterested in finishing something school-related), but at least the word count and a few good ideas are there.

And tonight while I once again hopped on Instagram to distract myself from research findings on formative assessment and 21st century learning, I ended up perusing recent posts from @fuckjerry’s profile, which reposts memes and hilarious insights into the stupidity of humanity. You’ll have to excuse the french and crassness. Maybe I’m so drained from this assignment that my sense of humor has gone deliriously askew, but I sat at the dinner table all alone and fell into a ridiculous, uncontrollable fit of laughter, scrolling one picture after another.

So of course, rather than editing my literature review, I am productively procrastinating by writing a wee update and sharing some of my favs of the night:







#2: Pokemon Go ProbsIMG_6740

#1: This one had me going for a solid four minutes. This is such a Hoffa move.IMG_6744



My flatmate Rachel returned home as this was ensuing. She had had a bad day, and began laughing at my laughter. Grateful for a bit of brightness at the close of a crummy day, she decided the moment needed to be documented, old school style. So here we are, just normal life – a typical day in uni/student-teaching New Zealand routine, down in the books.

Now back to that assignment.


3 thoughts on “Laughing High

  1. Glad you are doing better! I saw your mom at Trader Joe’s and told her that I was more worried about her when I read your last post than you!! I knew you would manage fine but moms have a more difficult time when we know one of our babes is sad!


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