Hawaii, I’m Heading for You


Pure Joy

I woke up this morning as giddy as I was on December 25ths of my youth. I’ve been working on paper
after paper the last few weeks, but the momentous day has finally arrived. I am done with assignments, I am getting out of the cold, short days. I am embarking on a week-long solo adventure in the paradise state. Aloha, Hawaii!

The plan is to get most of the rugged adventure out of my system on Oahu and Kauai before reuniting with the Compton Clan on the big island next week. Despite all of my itinerary-making and Google map pinning, Mama is still a little nervous for her daughter, so as I give her an almost daily check in, you may want to follow up with her as well.

I literally haven’t stopped working up to this point, so I haven’t had time for any official true writing post, but I just want to say that I’m off! I’ll be hiking (a lot), couchsurfing, hitchhiking, camping, and – Mama and I both hope and pray – staying safe.

Until the Big Island!



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