JComp Antics: The time I didn’t write about my travels…

IMG_4732 2The last four weeks I have been on full time placement student teaching. It has been a rewarding, fast-paced month that kicked off the day after I returned from my packed two week trip through the North and South Island over the autumn holiday. I managed to write briefly about Wellington and the Tongariro Crossing, but I slacked off after that. I wish I could write it all, but there are some priceless video recordings that really do more justice to the main highlights. It started with wanting to share the main recording – the time I went irrationally ape shit on my sister and she happened to pull out her phone halfway through my ranting. When I had finished, she calmly responded, “Hey, wanna hear something funny?” and then proceeded to play the recording back.

And I’m not there, and I’m just screaming and you can’t make it better, so DON’T SAY ANYTHING. I just need to yell, and I’m ANGRY – errrhhhhhhhhh!!! Ahhhhhh? WHHYYYYYYY?! Why did we stay at McDonald’s for…freaking two hours? It was so dumb! Uhhh! I should just blame this all on your Spanish class. And we don’t have water or else I would say let’s just camp right here, but where’s the damn campsite? I’m just – Solve it, Georgia. Solve it.

We both collapsed into a fit of laughter.

Fortunately, that recording was the only one exhibiting my rare but fierce episodes of fury. But as I scanned through videos from the trip, I realized there were so many other recordings that were equally hilarious. They leave me rhetorically asking myself, “Who AM I??” You, Jessica, are NARP-y: not-a-real-person. You are one crazy, silly, joyful individual, and there is certainly no one else like you.

I know I am ridiculous, but these snippets really drive the point home. For your own entertainment, rather than writing about my trip (which may still happen someday), I’ve compiled a wee video of moments that are fairly self-deprecating. I think not taking life too seriously and laughing at oneself can be some of the best humor, though. Along with a general portrayal of highlights from our trip, these clips definitely exemplify such moments. From sassy sister biotching to having a full-on conversation with my shadow, enjoy a laugh on my behalf.

Since I slacked off and left you hanging on the Flo story, I’ll fill you in on what happened there. When I was off in Hobbiton, I got a text from Georgia, who was hanging out at the hostel in Rotorua all day: “FLOW IS IN OUR ROOM!!!” We had left Tongariro at the same time two days prior, us in a car and Flo on his bike. New Zealand is so small that there are pretty much zero degrees of separation between you and anyone else in the country. So it’s only natural that in a four person hostel room, our only other companion is the one guy that we tramped with a few days prior. He is briefly featured, orange rain coat and all, on the video in the Rotorua night market.


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