Where I am From

I am from a distant land of lost imagination
Hours of dressups and plastic high heels
The ca-ching! of the grocer’s checkout
The recliner chair dentist office
Elaborate blanket forts
Bursting forth from the mess of our playroom

I am from a home of happiness.
From after-dinner dance performances
and spontaneous naked jaybird parades
From six squinty-eyed smiles
and big bear hugs

I am from a back yard of
jumping mutts eager to play catch
bahhing stubborn goats (in suburbia)
and cherry tomato picking with Mama

I am from Junes and Julys of
Summer camp, trails on the Blue Ridge,
and Edisto Beach waves.
From stripped training wheels
wobbling on the sand and
A whole week of forbidden food!
Saturday cereal, Icey Pops, and frozen Twix bars

I am from Hoffa’s
“Don’t grow ups” and “ah bi jahs”
From his air-conditioned tractor
Preposterous impracticality
Dogged determination

I am from the Old South.
From Welcome to Charleston carriage rides
And wickedly humid days.
Rocking chair and lemonade lowcountry time
Salty December oyster roasts

My roots run as deep as
the live oaks at Sugah Cain.
Someday, their arms
will welcome me home


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