Graduation: Introduction

Life has been a fast-paced whirlwind lately, and it has mercilessly sucked me into its full-throttle vortex. Since Easter, I have written about 62 pages in papers and tests, spent countless hours in the ceramics studio, and successfully defended my honors project, in which I developed a peace curriculum for high school classrooms.

I did not just do work, though. I also made it home for a blast of a wedding weekend, went horseback riding, completed a moonlight trail run 5K with a second place finish for my age group (…there wasn’t that much competition), did a 3-day section hike on the AT, and finally (finally) made it out to Mac and Bobs’ Wednesday wing night.

Oh, and I graduated.

Everyone is asking how it feels. It’s like birthdays once you are in your late teens and there is not much of a difference between being 16 and 17. Another year is significant, but you wake up feeling no different from the day before. I suppose graduating is a noteworthy accomplishment, but I certainly do not expect it will be my capstone achievement. To me the diploma I have encapsulates the work and experiences of the last four years. “Summa cum laude” is printed on that fancy piece of paper, and I did work hard for all those A’s, I sported so many cords in my graduation garb that I came close to representing the whole rainbow. There were the accolades and pictures; it was a happy day. But it is one of may memorable moments, and only one on a journey of milestones. Gradution is launching me into the rest of my life, and I have been so excited about all that is ahead that I have not dwelled very much on the closing of this season.

I am not a very sentimental person, but there are some cherished parts of college that I have realized in these last few weeks I treasure deeply and will miss dearly. Over the next few days, I will post an individual tribute to each of them. Stay tuned!


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