Durango, CO Photo Journal

10 Photos for 10 days of awesome days of family fun (…and dare I say, just a little too much family?) in Durango, Colorado.

Day 1
Chicago Layover Excitement

Day 2
Hitting the ground running on a trail behind our house

Day 3
Exploring the San Juan Forest on the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad Train

Day 4
Animas River Trail Bike Ride
Day 5
Exploring Cliff Dwellings at Mesa Verde
Day 6
Horse Back Riding at the Rapp Corrall

Day 7
It was a slow start that morning, but some of us ended up hiking Animas Mountain

Day 8
Did you say natural hot springs?! — in Pagosa Springs
Day 9
Vallecito Reservoir, where though it looks like we hiked, we actually just got socked in by predictable afternoon showers (We should have left earlier or brought rain coats. We failed on both counts.)

Day 10
On our drive back to Albuquerque, we spent the evening in Santa Fe – the oldest capital in the United States. This is in the courtyard of the art museum, where they provided free entry and Haagen Dazs ice cream that day!

We get a little antsy if we stay in the car too long. Our drive back to the airport was one such occasion.
All in all, Colorado made for a memorable, outdoorsy, and fun family vacation. I’d say the Comptons Conquered Colorado 2014!



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