Supporting Maria

At the end of May, I met a great gal named Maria who will be moving to Thailand to be the Director of Business and Relationships, North America for an organization called NightLight, which employs women out of Bangkok’s sex industry.

She recently completed her Master of International Business at USC, and she is responsible for raising all of the funds she needs to live for the coming year. By July 1, she needs to raise $60,000 in pledges (!).
She drove from Columbia just to meet me in person, and she carries herself with an air of humble confidence. As I talked to her, it was clear to me that she is not only intelligent and passionate about this issue, but that she has been called to respond to God’s heart for justice for the downtrodden. Even though sex trafficking is something I care about, in honesty, I have been dragging my feet to support her. I’m not sure why. Part was because of stress and distractions and part because it’s just not fun to let go of the money I earn. Reflecting now, I think much of it was a small spiritual battle against furthering the Kingdom.
But, I just wrote my check, and I’m on it now! I know that it is more blessed to give than to receive, that all that I have is actually God’s anyway, and that Jesus calls us to be abundantly generous. I also learned that giving doesn’t hurt. Money is so intangible; once I act in obedience and let it go, I’ve never regretted it. So often I’ve witnessed the Lord almost immediately return it – not just more money, but the exact same amount I just gave – straight back to me in some unexpected form.
So… I hate fundraising, It’s the main reason I’ve never gone on a mission trip. But sometimes people just need the “ask” to take action. I’m extending the invitation to you.
If you’d like to support Maria, you can:
Donate Online:
·  Use your personal online banking system to send one-time or monthly online support
·  Login to your bank account. Click on “Pay bills” or equivalent
·  Fill in your amount, and choose a “one-time” or “monthly” schedule
·  Address: NightLight at PO Box 74850, Los Angeles, CA 90004
·  Earmark/Memo the payments to “Ministry of Maria Gambone”
Donate by Check:
·  Make checks out to “NightLight”
·  Memo: “Ministry of Maria Gambone”
·  Mail: NightLight, PO Box 74850, Los Angeles, CA 90004
For those of you who do give, I’d like to pass on a thank you from Maria. In a small way, you are not only obeying God and helping Maria, but transforming many women’s lives. 


Learn more about Maria and NightLight.

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