The (best) detriment to my focus

The good news: I’m starting to crank some important work out.
The bad news: Hoffa stepped on my laptop last weekend (seriously?!), I had to send it off to the Dell Elves, and now I’m working from the desktop office computer.

Which means that my sisters have me pinned. They can push, know how to push, and do push just the right buttons to drive me crazy.

It also means that rather than the “Jessica is working and CANNOT be disturbed” Post-It note on the office door serving its purpose at all, it only provides an opportune medium to be vandalized…

The sisters barge in.
“Guess what-ey?!” Rosa Marie exclaims.
“Don’t say what-ey.”
Preceded by a signature RoRie giggle, she responds, “I just say stuff like that to get on your nerves.”
Inevitably, I roll my eyes.
“Jessica, you know what time it is?” asks Georgia, rhetorically, of course. “Time for a DANCE PARTY!!” She enters with the stereo system on her shoulders like a retro boom box, and max volume of “Turn Down for What”  begins blasting in the once-so-still office.
I could be annoyed. I could yell and scream and be the big sister bi-otch and tell them to go away. I have before, but it’s not an effective tactic. It’s a lot easier (and more fun) to go along with them. I sigh and shrug off my professional grown-up girl demeanor.
Within minutes all three of us are droppin’ it to the floor and attempting to twerk in our XL pajama shirts. Hoffa would have a cow.
“This is what it would be like if the three of us owned this house,” Georgia proclaims. “Hashtag awesomeness.”
Following our ten minute dance sesh, RoRie doesn’t miss a beat. “Hashtag it’s time for you to come snuggle.” As I begin to physically force her out of the office, she turns the tables on me and tries to push me into my bedroom right by the office. “Pleeeeeease.”
She doesn’t win, but these are the kinds of distractions with which I have dealt all summer – and all my life. Though they may occasionally keep me from my work, they also keep me from being too serious and boring. My sisters ensure that life stays fun, and, I confess, I’m glad to call them mine.


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