This is what a 90-year-old Southern grandma sounds like…

My grandmother, Mary Ellen Cain Compton, is a force to be reckoned with. Nicknamed “Sugah Cain” in her early years because she was so sweet, she is more commonly known simply as “Sug” now. She grew up in Sumter, South Carolina; raised five children in Summerville; and after being widowed over thirty years ago, found retirement community at the Presbyterian Home. She is Southern as Southern gets, and as she climbs into her nineties, an increased love for wine and an irrational, yet pleasant and endlessly entertaining humor has replaced the strict manners and stubbornness she was infamous for in her earlier years.

Kizzy, one of her fantastic round-the-clock caretakers, passed along one such incident.

Sug:     Call my mom so I can tell her goodnight.
Kizzy:  Ms Sug, your mother is in Heaven.
Sug:     Myyyyy mom is not in Heaven. She’s in Sumter. You don’t know what you’re talking about.
Kizzy:  Ms Sug, you are 90 years old, so it would be impossible for your mom to be alive…So if you are 90,            how old would that make your mom?
Sug:    94. Now get out of my blessed room.

Oh, my dear grandmother. As long as you’re on her good side, you can’t help but love her.


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