Relapse 1 – NYC

In 2007, the Compton Clan ventured on our first summer adventure to Ireland. Once as I walked through a vibrantly green pasture of sheep on a typically misty Irish morning, I contracted a sneaky disease.
Customs did not detect it on my return flight, nor did the Red Cross the first time I gave blood. It was so subtle, quietly developing in the core of my being, that even I didn’t notice for a while. It was there though, and it was malignant, fed by the family’s annual adventures…hiking in Yosemite, returning to pick cockles in Ireland, cross-country skiing in Oregon,  exploring Whistler and Vancouver, relaxing in Costa Rica. Each trip, it became stronger, taking over a little more of me. After a month in Cambodia and a semester of day trips and weekend jaunts throughout Europe this past fall, the Travel Bug has permanently found a host in me. There is no battling it. Yes, it can be subdued for a little while, but if I’m stagnant too long, I start itching to follow Mark Twain’s advice and “sail away from the safe harbor.”
Don’t get me wrong – I love D.C., and life has been anything but boring. Still. This is a strong Bug that I have caught, and it must be appeased. I began itching toward the end of January, and I quickly found myself evaluating my free weekends. Where I could go? Who could I visit? Several Megabus and Amtrak tickets were purchased one night, and Adventure beckoned.
I confess, I’m not one to battle this Bug too persistently; as long as I have the money and time, I see the demands it brings as welcome maintenance. I suppose I had my first remission this past weekend. Given the day off for President’s Day, it was pretty inevitable I would succumb to the Travel Bug. A group of IJM interns and I made a jaunt to the Empire State – the big apple, concrete jungle, city that never sleeps.
New York City. I’ve only been once before on a 7th grade school field trip. I remembered being turned off by the dirtiness and lack of trees, and my memory had not failed me. It was a sloshy, snowy, freezing mess of a weekend. Even with the pollution and the dreadful weather, it satisfied my “disease.” I enjoyed getting to know my fellow interns better, feeling the magic of Broadway, and exploring the city for myself.  
Here’s a photo timeline of the weekend. Clearly, the bug is rapidly progressing. Discoveries made during my “first remission” will be published tomorrow.

Preach it, Subway

Cheap, easy transportation
It is too easy to step into a six inch puddle of snowy, half-melted slosh. Ask Vanessa.

Allegra and Lauren in Times Square

Empire State Building on Valentine’s Day

Lebanese Shish Kabob, anyone?

Snow and cold at Ground Zero. Not fun. For such a sacred, thought-provoking monument, all I was thinking was, “Get me freaking inside that warm pizza shop. South Carolinians do not know how to deal with this.
Fifth Row to watch twenty handsome, energetic young men sing and dance. I’ll take it!

Browsing the menu at Arabesque Restaurant & Lounge. Coolest ambiance and very authentic.
Morocco is now on my mental list of places to travel to.

Does this mean Spring might come after all?

Very long Sunday walk through Central Park.

I’m so grateful I joined in on this adventure. Thank you Allegra for taking the initiative to do a lot of the planning and organizing. It was a snowy blast!

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