Anniversary & Happenings

I like to play the “What was I doing this time last ____?” Fill in the blank – week, month, year, sometimes up to four years. My memory fails me after that. I happened to be jogging my brain in this exercise this evening, and I have one big celebration to share with you tonight. I realized, and the lovely evidence of archived blogs confirmed, that this time last year, after a day exploring North Carolina family history with my grandfather, I was writing my first blog post. February 9 marks the official one year anniversary of Walking With Jessica. 
This endeavor – blogging – has been more than a phase or the documentation of  a semester of study abroad.  I really think this thing is here to stay. (Though hopefully the header picture of the Google image searched old lady legs is not. Sorry you have to look at that every time. Just haven’t found one I like better.) I began explaining in that first blog how I hate messing up, how after years of struggling with perfectionism, I still fear judgement, and how that had prevented me from writing in the past. Here I am, though, a year later, unafraid of writing or the failure it often entails, and I am appreciative of you – one of the visitors who have wandered on this “cyber path” 6,300 times in the last year. I am honored that you have joined me. I hope you continue not only to check in on my ongoing adventures, but also to learn from my mistakes, take to heart some of my lessons and simply enjoy a good story every once in a while.
With my 7 a.m. alarm clock due to go off in less than eight hours, tonight is no night for stories. I’ve been up to some cool stuff, though, and it would be a shame not to at least share some of that with you. Pictures must suffice.
Wednesday, 2/5
LCWS Field Trip to the Newseum
Largest section of Berlin Wall. I stupidly did not even touch it.
Pulitzer Prize hall was definitely my favorite
When pictures really are worth 1,000 words. There were way more sad ones than happy, but…
 It made me laugh,
Nigeria wins a medal at the Olympics

It made me cry,

Boy in Syria learns his father has been killed

 It ripped my heart out

That man is still alive

 There were some really powerful pictures.

Then on to a House Subcommittee Hearing on America’s future in Asia and Managing Sovereignty Affairs. Painful. And slightly informative.

Thursday, 2/6
After work, I went straight to the Kennedy Center for a Millennium Stage production of Lowland Hum, a North Carolina folk duo. Millennium Stage is a free gig every single night of the year at 6 pm. Yes, I did this by myself. In solitude I have learned that activities, even if you’re not talking, are more fun with a companion. Still, my last-minute spontaneity often leaves me by myself. I will also never let others’ lack of interest determine my activities.

Lauren and Daniel Goans

Friday, 2/7
Sochi Winter Olympic Opening Ceremony and a glass of wine with LCWS people. I’m really trying to hang out with them, too, since I haven’t really done that yet.

 Y’ALL, I MADE THIS POST FOR IJM! 585 likes in a few hours. It later went up to over 700. This pretty much made my night.


Saturday, 2/8
Despite the horrendously cold weather this Southern girl is not-so-patiently enduring, I made it out for a run Saturday morning. Not just any run… A trail run! On the Potomac Heritage Trail, to be exact. Even though I am in a big city, I love that genuine nature is still so accessible.

And then…
The National Museum of the American Indian

Best part? The food court. Hands down. It’s divided by all the different Indian regions.

Salmon and brussel sprouts from the Northwest, sweet potato medley from…somewhere else

Who is more fierce?

Making LCWS buddies

 And THEN…

Don Giovanni Opera. In Italian. Made me heartsick for Italia. Again.

 Sunday (Today), 2/9
The Falls Church Anglican is my temporary church home while I’m here, and I love it. Instead of the contemporary 11 am, I go to the 9 am traditional service with all the old people, and then I go to Sunday School studying the Book of Mark…with more old people. But they are awesome, very wise, and I’m learning a lot. Let’s all admit it. I’ve always been an old soul at heart. The Barretts befriended me the very first week, and I’ve continued to meet more people since then.

Lunch at Taco District

Joell, Lauren, Melanie (and Wes) – new TFCA friends
After an exhausting Saturday, I finished Sunday off with an episode of Sherlock and Downton Abby. I promise I’m doing (some) homework, too.

One thought on “Anniversary & Happenings

  1. Happy anniversary! Not only do I enjoy reading your blogs for the pleasure of good writing, but I also appreciate these frequent opportunities to “walk beside you” no matter how far away you are.


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