The Glowing Girl, Final Day

Georgia is my biological sister, but she is also my sister in Christ. I have enjoyed watching the breath of the Holy Spirit come upon her and make her life less about herself and more about others. Church transitioned from being less about going and more about being. Worship, particularly the much needed break on Wednesday nights, became a time to reverently honor the Lord. When she went to Honduras to help at the Lamb Institute, I think Georgia saw in those children a more raw, powerful form of Jesus, she felt God calling her to be used in His Kingdom.  
Georgia wanted to go to Furman, but there were a lot of financial questions that would have to be resolved to make that possible. She even felt like God might be calling her to go to The Citadel with “Lucy” after all. She certainly didn’t want to go, but she did want to submit to the Lord, knowing that if she did end up there, she really would have to depend on Him every hour. Thankfully, Furman worked out, but she hasn’t stopped listening to the Lord’s prodding. Kind Father, may I be your instrument is a weighty prayer, but Georgia has said it, and God is giving her opportunities.

So Georgia, my sweet sister, you glowing girl. I and countless others are so blessed by you, by the Georgia who knows who she is and does not conform anything but the original mold. I would be far more boring without your enthusiasm and much less fulfilled as the oldest sister without your presence. I wish you the best of luck this coming semester. I am impressed (and yes, I acquiesce, even surprised) with the way you have stepped up to Furman’s academic rigors. You are a smart worker, and you have found the balance of work and play much better than I. Knowing that you have already found good community and lifelong relationships in college brings me great joy. 
The beloved roommate Julia. I’m not sure there’s enough space in that room for these two crazies.
I am proud of you for facing challenges head on, for making sacrifices when necessary, and having an ear turned to God’s guidance. I pray that your faith only grows stronger and your shining light brighter the longer you walk with the Lord. As you head into track season, my prayer is that your passion for running is reignited while your body strengthens to meet D1 demands. I pray that when you meet discouragement in words or unmet goals, you will look to the One who loves you unceasingly and pours His affirmation upon you. There, submitting yourself once again, you will find victory.
Unbrushed hair on Christmas morning

She can sing some “Carolina Girls”!
Always a model
G & Nina – besties since diapers
Forever a goober
When we try to take Christmas pictures…


Awkward middle school years
Yeah. We did that one year.

Bathing Suit Model

Sunscreen models
She’ll always rescue me
Probs just slapped some booty
Speed demon

Sisters Reunited
Somewhere along the way we grew up and got kind of fashionable

Get ready. The chronological school pictures progression begins.

The grown up senior. Hot dayum.

Love you crazy girl.


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