The Glowing Girl, Day 6


Let’s all admit it. Georgia basically rules whatever she does.  It’s not like she’s vying for power, either. She is a natural leader, and people gladly hand the reins over to her. Wando probably needed to get rid of her; aside from giving someone else have a shot at winning an award, by the end of high school, Georgia could basically do whatever she wanted.
When she caught wind of a few cross-country mates being mildly harassed by some boys in the hallway, she stormed out lecturing them and threatening to write them up if she caught them again. Questioning who she was, she retorted, “Who am I?! I’m Coach Compton, and you do not mess with my girls!”
When sent to the administrator for wearing a tight superhero costume during Homecoming spirit week, she entered Mr. Hearn’s office confidently. Throwing a Snicker’s bar on the desk, she addressed him, “Mr. Blankenship doesn’t like my school spirit. You let him know I came to see you.”
“Get back to class, Georgia,” Mr. Hearn replied, shaking his head, unable to entirely conceal his grin.
Dress codes fall by the wayside in the name of school spirit
Though she listened to Mr. Hearn that time, there were plenty of other times when she should have been in class and was not. She would leave, roam the halls, and have half hour friendly conversations with administrators. Another loiterer passing by would be sternly admonished to return to class immediately.That’s just the way Georgia is, though. She was not belligerently skipping class or skimping on work (at least, not most of the time), but she loves being around people. She was the four year old that tugged the shirt of the stranger in line at Wal-mart and introduced herself. She is still that girl. She has no fear; she is, in her own right, a 21st century Superwoman.

One thought on “The Glowing Girl, Day 6

  1. True stories well told! They reminded me of when she was a little girl. Whenever she asked to do something my knee jerk reaction was to say, “No” because her idea was usually complicated or outlandish. I had to train myself to say, “No, but you can do _____.” To which she'd begin the negotiating process. Exhausting! But you gotta admire her persistence.


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