The Glowing Girl, Day 4

All Business

“Step right up get your tickets at Oooold South Carriage Company.” With her index finger pointing across the touring passerby, bouncing with every syllable, she adds, “Guarantee you’ll like it!”
Some of Georgia’s most satisfying childhood Saturdays were the rare opportunity when Hoffa allowed her to sell carriage tickets on the corner of Market and Anson Street. Under all that cuteness, at the age of five or fifteen, there is still a calculating businesswoman. After losing her first tooth and realizing that visits from the tooth fairy were profitable, her grin rapidly became more gapy, “losing” four teeth in just one week. If lemonade stands were slow, she began knocking on neighbor’s doors. Once after she and Rosa Marie partook in an enthusiastic day of selling, they decided to enjoy some of their profits at Fire House Subs. Only after Georgia downed a large combo meal while RoRie ate a small sandwich did Georgia recommend splitting the revenue equally. RoRie agreed to that, not realizing the injustice of the settlement. Since tentative future career goals include owning a Chik-fil-A franchise someday, I’m hoping her ways have become a bit more honest in the last few years.

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