The Glowing Girl, Day 3

Georgia has learned not to shop with the rest of the Compton women. The indecisiveness of Rosa Marie, Mama, and I is inhibiting; we go back and forth, wasting time, trying something on again, unsure of whether the price tag is worth it. Not Georgia. She knows what she wants, and she is willing to pay for it. I remember in middle school when those gray New Balance lace-up shoes were popular. The four of us ventured into a large Carnival shoe store. She and I both tried those “stylish” shoes on first. She was finished shopping. I  proceeded to try on every other option in my size. As Georgia grew more impatient in the following two hours, I, in the end, returned to my first choice.
This unwavering attitude goes far beyond the shopping cart, though. She knows which movie to rent, which food to order, and what to say in any circumstance. She’s not afraid of being bold, and she sticks to her gut. She even knows what talent to win titles in the Miss Wando pageant when she has no known performing talent: Year One, bring out the black light and golf balls; Year Two, convince the younger shag-dancing brother to help you.  Her decisiveness not only makes her efficient and successful, but it also leaves her without regrets.


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