Feeling Like an Italian

My laptop  isn’t connecting to the wifi, so I’m currently trying to write with my iPad, which isn’t letting me upload pictures from today. I’m already beginning to settle in here, though, and I have the essential bearings of Perugia. I sense the words in my broken Italian coming more naturally, and I love communicating with the vendors. I feel like less of a tourist and more of a person who will be living here a while.

Sorry there aren’t any pictures, but here are some highlights…

Quest’e’ la mia vita oggi:
 -Italian Catholic Mass. You would be proud, Hoffa. I didn’t understand much, but I picked up on the Lord’s Prayer and some of the Scripture reading. All the actual Catholic friends that came too were shocked with how much they understood, since masses are the same all over the world.

-My first native cappuccino from a caffe in the piazza. So great. I don’t know if my new friend Aleah has been in a beverage box the last twenty years, but I witnessed her sipping her first glass of wine and cappuccino! She thinks both are acquired tastes. I agree, but they are so worth it. Especially when you’re living in Italy.

 – Monthly artisan and farmer’s market. So neat! I bought fresh il pane scuro (darker bread) from a man named Andrea. We exchanged contact information, and he and his wife will likely be teaching me how to make pasta soon! I was told by a friend who studied abroad a few semesters ago that if I see something, buy it. You’ll regret not getting it. I had my first regret today. There were hand crafter leather quaderni (notebooks) at the mercato for fifteen Euro, and I restrained from buying it. I’ve found myself already wanting a little journal to write down Italian phrases, grocery lists, and expenditures. I have learned.

-Taglierre for lunch. Abby and I sat in a narrow alley and ordered our first meat, cheese and bread platter. Yum!

-Weddings, Music, and Italiano: I swear I saw three different wedding processions in the piazza today. It’s wedding season. I slyly recorded twenty second clips of both a street accordionist and bag pipe player. Abby and I are trying to speak to each other in Italian for a while everyday. We falter and fail a lot, but it’s fun to have someone to work with. And we just get along really well.

Grazie mille for reading. Ciao per oggi!


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