Walking With Jessica is only half-a-year old now, but I have loved being able to share my experiences with readers. I only have one major beef with my new hobby – life keeps going, and the blogs are not being written. Playing catch up is overwhelming to me. Compared to my packed college semesters, I have exponentially more free time in these lazier August days of part-time work, fruit smoothies, books, and Charleston humidity. With an abundance of fun opportunities or the companionship of a summer page-turner, I also have less diligence. Almost daily, instead of actually sitting down and writing, I find myself thinking, “Dang it’s really been a while since I blogged.” I have experienced so many adventures and revelations this summer that I have wanted to process and tell you about. Instead I have delighted in my alarm clock-less mornings, grownup play dates, and hours of reading.
I once read that “You’re only a writer if you write every day.” Though I enjoy writing, I don’t call myself a writer – not yet, anyway. Still though, I initially disagreed with the argument. Every single day? That takes some serious diligence. And, come on, everyone needs rest. Teachers take the whole summer off, but they still call themselves teachers. I’ve realized that the quote is only wrong when taken literally. What it’s really pushing for is consistency. Writers, like athletes and musicians, must be dedicated to practicing. You have to be willing to do it even when you are not in the “mood” for it.
I already try to do this with two other disciplines: exercise and quiet time. I may not run or go to a gym class every day, but it’s rare that I’ll spend more than two or three days without physical activity. While I gain strength and feel good now, it’s also the best health insurance policy for the future. Sadly, my morning time with Jesus is not quite as regimented, but it is never altogether abandoned. Studying scripture, listening to the Lord, continually getting to know His character and unbounded love for His children – it’s always rewarding.
I want writing to be the same way. I want to improve, and that takes practice, which, logically, requires time I must carve from my life. I want to do it consistently so that I’m not guilty about missing opportunities to relay a story or lesson. Selfishly, I also want  to remember what has happened in my own life. This isn’t torture for me; writing is something I enjoy. The most I have ever written in a short time period was during the travel writing May term in Cambodia. It was a lot of time in front of the laptop, but my writing drastically improved. With daily practice and peer review, the words I wanted came faster, and I began really playing with language and rhetoric.
If you have visited this blog hoping for a new post lately, sorry to disappoint. But sigh no longer, for consistency is coming. I’m not guaranteeing a post or two every week, but I’m aiming for it. Besides, I’ve got plenty of topics. Allow me to momentarily utilize my love for lists.
Jessica’s Unwritten Blogs
  • Pillow Fight
  • Guacamole Lessons
  • Cove Creek 2013
  • Sheep
  • It’s Here! Elizabeth Ervin Website
  • Thirty Years of the Red Sash
  • $250
  • Waiting
  • Beneath Your Beautiful
  • Unbroken: Dignity
  • Mountain Biking
  • So Long, Sister
  • Internship: To Be?
  • My Secret to Productivity
I doubt they’ll all be written. Hopefully posting these topics holds me to some accountability, though. If you’re particularly curious about one, let me know, and it will have a higher likelihood of coming to Word document fruition.  Also, I leave for Italy in a little over two weeks. Eek! This I do promise – I will include you on my study abroad adventures. No half-month MIAs. Get ready. First post, “So Long, Sister” will probably be up tomorrow.

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