Snow and Such

This post is a conglomerate of thoughts, but I want to share them with you. I apologize for the randomness. Soon, I’m looking forward to taking time to really write.

Salem, Virginia officially has the most bipolar weather ever. It is April 4… and snowing outside. Again. We are having a “Beach Blast” themed dinner in Commons tonight. Let’s just allow the irony of this whole situation to fully sink in. Yeah. I think the effects of global warming may be playing out before our eyes. As a Southern girl, this is really unacceptable to me.

On other notes, they serve King Crab Legs at Beach Blast. We’re talking Deadliest Catch material here! Though tuition-paying parents may carry qualms over such extravagances, I’m just going to enjoy the perks of private school. The craziness of my life has finally slowed down since spring break, too. I will forever have a resentment for medical evidence, but I am making it through. Balance is back, and commitments are coming to a close. The light at the end of the semester’s tunnel becomes brighter by the day, and I am able to focus on what – or, rather, who – I care about most: relationships. People. Jesus.

I also want to share something that, if you know me at all, you will find entirely unsurprising. For the Experienced Leader’s Institute I’m a part of, we took the Strengthsfinder test. I think it’s always fun to see what makes people tick. Here’s what gets me going, with a small description included:

  1. Achiever: Drive, get something done everyday, discontent provides energy
  2. Learner: Enjoy the process of moving from ignorance to competence, absorbing new subject matter
  3. Input: Appreciate new information, inquisitive, interesting, attraction to travel
  4. Discipline: World should be predictable, order, planning, routine, like to feel in control, productivity
  5. Responsibility: Psychological ownership of commitments, emotionally bound to follow through, dependable

For better or worse, that basically sums up a lot of me and how I process my surroundings.

Until next time,

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